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Our Story

We founded Clean Planet Project Co. in June of 2020 - a noteworthy time for many reasons. During the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter Movement, we realized that a lot can happen when people work together to address an issue. That got us thinking... how can we get people together to combat global pollution and climate change? This led to the development of our CleanUp app, which is a valuable tool for the (seemingly impossible) task of cleaning the planet. Our hope is that we can continue to bring innovative solutions to long-standing environmental issues. 


Our Values


We are a mission-driven company and have committed to our goal of making the planet a cleaner place. 


Every single one of our team members is passionate about our cause and excels in what they do. 


We strive to empower ALL individuals and communities to make a difference for the planet.


We think outside the box to apply innovative ideas.


We focus on measurable results and incorporate scientific research into our solutions.


There is a lot of disheartening news about the state of our planet; we are focusing on what we can do.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to implement innovative technology that makes being eco-friendly more fun, simple, and accessible for all.


Meet the Team

Dominic Quintana

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Web Developer

Trace DeLange

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Software Engineer

Hannah Niesen

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Nonprofit Professional

Board Members

Katie Humphrey

Apoorva Nelli

Mike Jensen

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

Clinical Scientist & Sustainability Enthusiast

High School Science Teacher & Conservationist


Josh Rands

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Founder & CEO

Mik Kauma

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Founder & Project Manager