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Pride in Climate Change

Pride month is not only the best month and best time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, but the celebration is only a small part of queer liberation and advocacy. It also serves as a way to increase representation of LGBTQ+ humans, build community, and sound the alarm on issues impacting this community the most.

Climate change is a huge LGBTQ+ issue for reasons you might not think. The LGTBQ+ community is the most affected by climate change. Lindi von Mutius, a board member at Out4Sustainability articulated best why environmental changes impact this community most:

“They're queer Brown people. They're Brown people. They're queer people. They're poor people. And when you look statistically at who experiences poverty in this country, in the LGBTQ community, it's trans people. Our trans brothers and sisters are going to be the ones excluded from emergency disaster relief. They're the ones who are going to face violence. So asking questions like, 'How is climate change going to hurt our communities specifically?' has become so important.” - Lindi von Mutius

CPP strives to make the environment just a little better everyday by picking up litter, practicing sustainability in daily life, and living more consciously to protect our planet. The small things we do everyday can really make a difference in our future.

We found some awesome resources and additional readings to highlight nonprofits whose missions' provide a larger platform by and for LGBTQ+ communities which are listed below:

Further Reading:


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