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your donations make a difference.

We built an ultra-efficient volunteer platform that allows anyone to volunteer at any time, anywhere in the world. Clean Planet Project is also a fully remote team, so your donations are NOT spent on office space, transportation, utilities, etc. This allows us to spend our funding on what truly matters - cleaning the planet.


You power volunteer cleanups by providing the funds that are necessary to keep the app free for the CPP global volunteer network, host cleanups in areas that need it, communicate with our virtual volunteers, analyze volunteer impact, and promote our mission in order to encourage more people to pick up litter around the world. In other words, you are the hero that keeps this whole operation running. We're just the ones behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. 


Part of your donation drives innovation.  What does this mean? It means making the Litter CleanUp volunteer platform more efficient so that volunteers can make an even bigger impact. It means analyzing the data we're collecting to drive decisions that improve environmental initiatives. It means developing more crazy technology that cleans the planet in out-of-the-box ways. We call it an impact investment - if you invest, the impact just keeps going up.


And the planet just keeps getting cleaner. The Litter CleanUp volunteer program is a leading example of an innovative approach to grassroots change. By making outdoor volunteer work more accessible, Litter CleanUp volunteers are also changing the way people think about volunteering - from a one-time event that you register for into a lifestyle of giving back.

Donation Pie Chart

We want our streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans to be crystal clear - free from litter and harmful pollutants. We want our operations at Clean Planet Project to be just as transparent. 

This pie chart is a representation of where our donations go. The important thing is that 100% of our profits go to our mission of cleaning the planet. That, my friend, is the beauty of nonprofit work. 

We truly can't say thank you enough for powering this project. 

Impact Investment

What is an "Impact Investment?"

An impact investment is our way of saying that, in addition to picking up litter, we guarantee that we will use part of your donation to fund innovations that allow us to tackle pollution more efficiently. We're currently working on:

CPP Litter Drones

We're using drone swarm technology to capture litter data and show us where cleanups are needed most. We call them "Flying Litterbugs."


The CPP Litter Robot

Don't worry, volunteers! Our autonomous robots will pick up litter in those areas that are hard to reach.


High-Tech Litter Reachers

Reachers with built-in cameras that connect to the Litter CleanUp app, so you don't have to manually take litter pictures on your phone.


We can't make large-scale change if we can't grow and use outside-the-box applications of technology to address pollution. We're running out of time to help the planet, but it's a good thing we have a dedicated team at Clean Planet Project, some awesome technology, and generous donors like you. Thank you.

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