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Our Values:


Clean Planet Project Co. is a Colorado based 501(c)(3) nonprofit utilizing innovative solutions to make the planet a cleaner place. We are a fully remote and part-time team made up of passionate and fun individuals who are working together to implement creative solutions that make being eco-friendly more fun and accessible for all. The following pillars characterize what we stand for as an organization:

  • Nonprofit - We are a mission-driven company and have committed to our goal of making the planet a cleaner place.

  • Pioneering - We think outside the box to apply innovative ideas.

  • Excellence - Every single one of our team members is passionate about our cause and excels in what they do. 

  • Evidence-Based - We focus on measurable results and incorporate scientific research into our solutions.

  • Positive - There is a lot of disheartening news about the state of our planet; we are focusing on what we can do.

  • Community-Driven - We strive to empower ALL individuals and communities to make a difference for the planet.


Volunteer Description:

We are looking for volunteers to join our mission of making the world a cleaner place for all. This is a part-time, fully remote volunteer position. The ideal candidate is passionate about the environment and excited to ensure our planet stays beautiful for years to come. The volunteer will report to and work directly with our executive team.

Right now, we are prioritizing the development and promotion of our Litter CleanUp app. There are many projects available for you to work on and we want to make sure you are doing what you’re interested in! Our current positions are:

  • General Volunteer

  • Software Engineering Volunteer - Backend / ML

  • Software Engineering Volunteer - Mobile App

  • Marketing & Communications Volunteer



  • Ability to volunteer at least 5-10 hours/week for at least 6 months.

  • Willingness and desire to learn

  • Passion for the environment

  • Academic excellence

  • Ability to work independently creating solutions to open-ended problems 




  • Work with passionate individuals in a fun and casual environment 

  • Collaborate closely with the Clean Planet Project executive team

  • Gain experience doing what you love

  • Most importantly... make a difference for the planet!

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Give us a hand and make a difference with us :)