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  • Where should I cleanup?
    You can cleanup anywhere outside! We recommend choosing nature areas (think forests, streams, nature parks, lakes, trails, etc.) because this is where more wildlife and vegetation need protecting. That being said, cleaning up in urban areas and neighborhoods is also very beneficial for local communities! Simply stepping out your front door and picking up trash near you is so helpful - and convenient! Picking up litter near roadways is also extremely helpful - and there is so much litter by our roads. Food wrappers attract nearby wildlife too close to cars, which results in roadkill, and litter blowing in the wind can also cause automobile accidents, so picking up litter along roadways helps to prevent these things from happening. Just remember to be careful, wear a vest, and always be aware of your surroundings. If you're traveling and want to help the community you're visiting, that's also a perfect time to use the app. This is called "voluntourism" and it helps the people, animals, and environment that you're vacationing in! And who doesn't love a good beach cleanup?!
  • How do I submit a CleanUp?
    To use the Litter CleanUp app, simply click the big green "Start CleanUp" button on the app and take a picture of each piece of litter you collect. You can pick up as much litter as your heart desires! When you're done cleaning up and properly disposed of all the trash, click "Submit". A pop-up will allow you to add an optional caption to your Trash Talk post, otherwise you can click "Done". And voila! You helped clean the planet!
  • How do I verify my volunteer hours?
    You are welcome to use the volunteer hours tracker on the profile page of the app as proof of your community service. Please confirm that this verification is allowed with your supervisor prior to volunteering. The CPP team does not generate certificates or sign off on volunteer forms at this time. Thank you!
  • Can I submit a cleanup without taking individual pictures of litter?
    There is an option at the bottom of the CleanUp page: "Already Cleaned Up? Click Here". Use this to upload a picture of your cleanup from your phone's camera, add your estimated litter count, and submit! You will still be able to share your cleanup to the Trash Talk. This batch submission option comes in handy if you go on a larger cleanup and don't want to take individual pictures in the app, or you went on a cleanup and forgot to use the app. Please note that these cleanups do not count towards volunteer hours.
  • How do I pick up the litter?
    You can pick up the trash with your hands (safely), wear gloves, use a reacher device, or use the inside of your trash bag to pick up the litter. Then, place the trash in your trash bag. Continue to collect as much trash in your bag as your heart desires! Remember to wash/sanitize your hands afterwards.
  • Do I have to pick up a lot of trash?
    Nope! The more the merrier, but every little bit helps. Even if it's just picking up one piece of trash you see while you're on a walk, that's awesome.
  • How do I know if my cleanup was approved?
    To view your cleanup history, click "View History" on the Profile page. Our machine learning algorithm (named Oscar) will automatically approve or deny your cleanup. If your cleanup is approved, the cleanup will be green in your history and your total trash count will automatically update. Don’t worry if your cleanup was mistakenly marked as invalid - we always manually verify any cleanups that don’t get automatically approved in the app.
  • How are volunteer hours calculated?
    The Litter CleanUp app automatically tracks the time you spend picking up litter. Each picture taken in the app has a timestamp on it, which is what is used to calculate your total time spent actively volunteering on the app. The clock is essentially "running" as long as you take 1 picture every 3 minutes of the litter you pick up. This is true even if you close the app and re-open it. So if you close the app for longer than 3 minutes or keep the app open and don't take a picture within 3 minutes of the last, your volunteer hour clock will be "paused". That being said, you can totally go on multiple cleanups and your volunteer hours will reflect a total count among all of your cleanups.
  • Does volunteering with the app count for school?
    Yes! Many of our volunteers are students who need to fulfill hours for school classes, the National Honor Society (NHS), etc. The Litter CleanUp volunteer program is a great opportunity for busy students who have to juggle classes, homework, clubs, work, sports, etc. because you can use the app to volunteer whenever and wherever you can. Every little bit helps! Please use the volunteer hours tracker on the app to verify your hours with your school, and confirm with your teacher that this verification is allowed. We do not generate certificates or sign off on volunteer forms at this time.
  • Does volunteering with the app count toward court-ordered community service hours?
    If you are required to show proof of your hours in court, please note that we do not generate certificates or sign off on volunteer forms at this time. You are welcome to use our app and keep track of your own hours on the profile page. Our EIN is 85-1612884 if you need it. Thank you!
  • Can the app be used for employee volunteer events?
    Yes! The Litter CleanUp volunteer program is a great corporate volunteer opportunity. It requires less planning on the employer's end and can be done at a time that works for all employees. Employees can simply download the app and volunteer together at a convenient location near the workplace.
  • What if my app isn't loading?
    If your app isn't loading, close the app and reopen it. If it still won't load, then you may not have service. If this is the case, don't worry! You can still submit cleanups. These images will be uploaded to our servers when you have service again. Some network features, such as the Trash Talk and profile pictures, may not work properly when you don't have service.
  • What is the suggested donation amount?
    The suggested donation amount for a volunteer is $1 for every 100 pieces of litter picked up. For example, if you picked up 500 pieces of trash with the Litter CleanUp app, then the suggested donation amount is $5. This conversion is calculated based on how much it costs to host the Litter CleanUp platform. With the help of generous donors, we are able to keep the platform completely free and support our volunteers who are picking up litter around the world. 100% of donations go towards the Litter CleanUp volunteer program. Clean Planet Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your contributions are tax-deductible.
  • How do I get supplies for my event?
    The only supplies required for cleanup events are trash bags. Some participants may want to wear gloves, vests, and/or use a reacher device, but these are not mandatory. Remember to always be careful when picking up objects as they may be sharp, wash your hands, and be aware of your surroundings. If you'd like to borrow supplies, we recommend calling your city or nearby parks to inquire if they have some on hand. If you'd like to purchase litter cleanup supplies, you can check out our partner's website: and use the code CPP15 for 15% off of your order.
  • Is it free to host a CleanUp with Clean Planet Project?
    YES! Our Litter CleanUp platform is completely free. However, this is only made possible through generous donations made to Clean Planet Project. Donations are never expected, but ALWAYS appreciated! If you're using the app for a larger group, we recommend donating around $1 for every 100 pieces picked up. For example, if your group picks up 5,000 pieces during your event, then we recommend making a $50 donation. In this way, you can "pay it forward" - your donation will cover the costs associated with the next group's cleanup, so we can keep the platform free and accessible for years to come. 100% of donations go towards the Litter CleanUp volunteer program. Clean Planet Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your contributions are tax-deductible. Thank you for helping us keep the planet clean!
  • What should participants bring on the day of the event?
    In addition to litter pickup supplies for the group, we recommend that each participant brings a (reusable) water bottle, snack, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen.
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